No DXPedition is cheap and no DXPedition is easy. Much time, effort and personal expense goes into reaching these locations so they can be activated for all amateurs to work, get their All Time New One (ATNO) in the log or qualify their Islands On The Air (IOTA) awards.

In my case to date (VK5GR), these trips are also part holiday. It is because of this that until this year I have never sought sponsorship. I did not want to blur the line between holiday and radio. However, this year is different….

Team Effort = More Radio

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This time, I am taking a team of radio amateurs with me, with the aim of setting the bar much higher in terms of contacts and activity coverage. At the same time, I hope to achieve a better family / ham radio balance.

Vanuatu 2018 saw me operating a single transmitter for an average of 8 hours a day every day for the 14 days on the island. Some days it was much longer than others. This pushed the balance of radio to family too far.

This year, with Andy VK5AKH and Oly VK5XDX joining us, I hope to increase time on air, while not burning individual operators out. We are planning multiple transmitters, modes and bands and this time I have the first week exclusively for radio (with the family joining me in week 2). It is this additional activity in CW, SSB and digital modes that has also prompted us to take more equipment and better antennas – all of which is our own personal gear.

So what are we seeing sponsorship for? The things that turn this from a holiday into a DXPedition. Most notably the equipment transport and customs costs, and an offset for the accommodation. (One whole cabin has been rented just to house the radio station this time and part of the station is being freighted over to Tonga before we leave). Our goal is to raise a minimum of AUD$1,500 which will partially cover these costs. The rest of the airline, accommodation and logistics costs are being born by the team members (the complete endeavour will set us back nearly AUD$12K).

Will you help us help you add Tonga to your log?

All Sponsors will be publicly acknowledged on our website. Organisational sponsors will also be acknowledged on our bi-fold QSL cards and in our social media feeds.

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