Station Details

Station Details

Where are we located on Tonga?

Our base for the expedition will be the Teukava Beach Oasis resort. We have exclusive use of the facility so that our Amateur Radio activities wont disturb other guests!

IOTA Reference: OC-049 (Tongatapu)

Maidenhead Grid Square: AG28hw

Lat/Long:  21° 4’10.18″S, 175°20’3.55″W



Our station equipment is all owned by the expedition team members – some of which has been specifically purchased for this expedition.

  • 2x Elecraft K3/K3S Stations each with an Elecraft KPA500 Linear Amplifier + MicroHam micro KEYER II
  • 1x M2 Systems M6-1K2 6m Linear (for EME)
  • 1x IC7300 Station
  • Array Solutions set of W3NQN Filters (160-15m)
  • Codan 3020 Power Supplies


  • 80/160m – 12m high inverted L – tuneable as a 1/4 vertical from 40-10m – built on a Spiderbeam 12m Fibreglass Mast
  • 40m – 4 square array (Homebrew)
  • 30m – 4 square array (Homebrew)
  • 20-10m – 2 element Hex Beam (MW0JZE portable model) – supported on a Spiderbeam 10m Aluminium Mast
  • 6m EME – 6 element InnovAntenna 6m Beam – supported on a Spiderbeam 10m Aluminium Mast
  • Coaxial Cables – Messi & Paoloni Hyperflexx 7 (over 200m worth) + Hyperflex 13 (for the 6m EME station) – sponsored by Messi & Paoloni and RF Solutions in Australia


  • Logging Software – N1MM
  • Digital Modes – WSJT-X, MMTTY, GRITTY, 2-Tone, FLDigi