IOTA Program – Vanuatu

IOTA Program – Vanuatu

Information on OC-035


Claimed by: 78.8.0% of participants (5 years), 74% (10 years) 43% (all time)

Main prefix: YJ

Location:  14º35 – 20º20S   166º25 – 170º18E

DXCC: VANUATU  (No. 73 most wanted in Clublog, No. 63 for Europe)

Group Contains:

  • Anatom, Ambrym, Aniwa, Aoba, Aore, Efate, Emao, Epi, Erromango, Espiritu
    Santo, Etarik, Futuna, Lopevi, Maewo, Malakula, Malo, Mataso, Moso, Nguna, Paama, Pentecost,
    Tanna, Tutuba) (Note: not islands qualifying for OC111)

IOTA Meeting Frequencies

The main meeting frequency is 14.260MHz. Other ones on SSB are 28.560, 28.460, 24.950, 21.260, 18.128, 7.055 and 3.755MHz. The CW frequencies are 28.040, 24.920, 21.040, 18.098, 14.040, 10.115 and 3530MHz. No specific CW frequency has been nominated on 7MHz but it is recommended that operations should include a frequency above 7.025 when the band is open to North America. These frequencies are not reserved for IOTA nets or the making of island QSOs but are shared with other users on a normal non-interference basis.