A35JT Operator Team 2019


Team Leader: Grant Willis – VK5GR

Grant was first licensed in 1986 as VK5ZWI and upgraded to VK5GR in 2008. He is an avid contester and HF DX’er, in addition to expeditioner. His principle interests are HF digital modes but also CW, SSB and other more exotic modes. You never know what odd mode you might find A35JT appear on.

Past Expeditions:

  • VK5GR/P Kangaroo Island (OC-139)
  • E6AG on Niue (OC-040)
  • YJ0AG on Efate, Vanuatu (OC-035).


Team Member: Oly VK5XDX

Oly was first licensed in 1971. He is an active CW operator and DXer with an interest in both HF and 6m

Past Expeditions:

  • VK9NT Norfolk Island (OC-005)


Team Member: Andrew VK5AKH

Andrew has been licensed over 10 years ago. He is an active contester and first time expeditioner with a love of HF SSB and big pileups!

Team Member: Steve VK5SFA

Steve has joined the team having been enthused by the preparatory work for this expedition. Steve has been licensed since the 1970s and is an avid DXer and contester. This is Steve’s first DXpedition. He will be operating all modes,  SSB, Digital and CW.

Off Island Support – A35JT Pilot Team

To assist the A35JT expedition team get quickly dialed in to what bands are open from when for Tonga, we have enlisted the help of various pilot stations around the globe. The role of the pilot stations are to gather SWL reports as to when stations in their area are hearing the DXpedition or other stations in the vicinity (eg 3D2AG in Fiji). SWL reports containing the date, time, band and mode are then compiled and forwarded to the team on the island, so they will know when they are being heard and adjust their operating schedule for various continents to target them at the right time.

NOTE: pilots do not take NIL complaints, requests for certain bands or modes (wish list), etc. These will be considered only after the expedition via our QSL manager via the OQRS Busted Call Request function.

Our pilots are:

Europe: TBA

To be announced

North America: Steve Hass N2AJ

Email: Steve

South America: TBA

To be announced

Asia / Oceania / VK / ZL: TBA

To be announced

QSL Manager: Charles Wilmott M0OXO

The most important member of our team, who undertakes the tedious task of completing all our QSL cards and making sure they get to you all! A special thanks goes to Charles M0OXO

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