Operating Frequencies

The following are the proposed band plan frequencies for A35JT

SSB – 3603kHz (for VK), 3783kHz, 7183kHz, 14283kHz, 18143kHz, 21283kHz, 24973kHz, 28473kHz – all frequencies will be split UP 5-10

CW – 1823kHz, 3523kHz, 7023kHz, 10123kHz, 14023kHz, 18083kHz, 21023kHz, 24903kHz, 28023kHz – all frequencies will be split UP 1-4  (JA 160m we will look between 1824-1825kHz)

FT8 Fox and Hound Mode – 1840kHz+1908kHz (for JA), 3567kHz, 7056kHz, 10131kHz, 14090kHz, 18091kHz, 21091kHz, 24911kHz, 28091kHz

RTTY – We will be active in the Oceania RTTY segments of 7043-7060 (avoiding the JA JT65 and PSK segments), 10142-10148, 14080-14095 (avoiding the 14096 WSPR frequency), 18104-18115 or 18095-18100, 21080-21100, 24920-24930 and 28080-28120. For the low bands try 3583-3595.

6m EME – 50.203MHz

At present, we do not have access to 60m – however we will continue discussions with the ministry of communications to see if we can gain access to that band as well.

Note at this stage the frequencies are subject to change depending on coordination with other Pacific DXpeditions that will be active at the same time.

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