Antenna preparation continues – 30m & 40m 4-Square Arrays Tested

Antenna preparation continues – 30m & 40m 4-Square Arrays Tested

The expedition team reached another milestone this week with the successful testing of both the 30m and 40m 4-square arrays.These are all home brew arrays including the phase shifting networks and switching controllers. Oly VK5XDX has led the development of our 40m array while Steve VK5SFA has lead the development of the 30m array. We had many helpers on the day including Trevor VK5YFR, Neil VK5KA, Chris VK5SA, Paul VK5SL and Greg VK5LG. We conducted pattern measurements of the arrays and confirmed they were providing the expected 20dB front to bank ratios confirming that they were working properly.. Now, the only remaining project to finish off the 4-square systems is the upgraded remote switching controllers.

The previous week, Steve and Grant completed testing of the 160 and 80m inverted L antennas with great success.

Next up, we will undertake final packaging, run one last shakedown of the station over the test weekend on July 5-8th, and prepare the antennas for freighting to Tonga.

We are doing everything we can to maximize out chances of communications with areas most needing A3 in their logs. Only 3.5 months to go before departure!


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