A35JT to trial Clublog Live Logging

A35JT is pleased to announce that we are going to trial using Clublog’s new Live Logging system. Congratulations to Michael G7VJR for this fantastic addition to Clublog!

Software integration of the logging agent has been achieved with our N1MM network (thanks to software from N2AMG)  and testing under VK5GR has been completed. While it is all dependent on our internet access once we reach Tonga we have been advised that internet is available.


  1. Paul Nancarrow

    Shortwave listener here in Townsville North Queensland your report here 5/9 7165and also heard early 7185 . TECSUN pl880 120ft long wire ant

  2. Joel

    Very nice to monitor contact in near real time!
    Good CW (40) and FT8 F/H (80) signals 9/24 at or near SR. Thank you.


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