Thanks for your Logistics Support: A35CS and ZL1RPL

Thanks for your Logistics Support: A35CS and ZL1RPL

Christian A35CS

Along the way during our journey we have had help from many people.

We would particularly like to thank Christan Sakalia A35CS in Tonga who helped with transport to and from the airport across the island, as well as sorting out a number of logistics issues for us prior to the trip.

We also want to thank Jean-Philippe ZL1RPL who helped with transport for the team from Auckland Airport on Monday night. Your contributions both made a difference to the smooth running of the expedition.

Oly VK5XDX, Grant VK5GR, Andy VK5AKH and Jean-Philippe ZL1RPL in Auckland

I also again must thank Mary Mahe from Pacific Forum Line who helped the “crazy Aussies” in our madcap adventure with freighting our antennas to and from Tonga. I also want to thank Mala Sjarif from Tayper Freight Forwarders in Australia for her help on the VK end with the transport arrangements.

It is this sort of support that helps make these expeditions possible. Thanks everyone!

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