VK5KI – Logbook of the World posted – QSL Cards are in the mail!


The final acts of this expedition are now complete. The log has been posted to LOTW, eQSL and QRZ.com for the Kangaroo Island activation from July 13-18th 2020 (IOTA OC-139). Charles has completed the mailout of all of the OQRS cards that have been requested. Should you still wish to make an OQRS request for the VK5KI activation you still can. Please visit M0OXO’s OQRS service.

NOTE: My new Clublog IOTA matching policy is as follows. Clublog/LOTW matches for IOTA Award credit in the iota-world.org system will be available for VK5KI in February 2021. I still prefer that, those who take the trouble to request QSL cards, should have first rights of claiming the IOTA using those cards rather than via electronic means. After the yearly honour roll listings are counted, any new IOTAs activated by me in the previous year will be then become available for electronic matching. I am one of those amateurs that still likes to receive paper cards and, while electronic matching is valuable, particularly in this age of disrupted postal services, I still wish to see the art of paper QSLing preserved.

Thanks for all the contacts! See you all next time we take Amateur Radio out into the world!

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