Thanks to RF Solutions for your support!

The A35JT DXpedition team is indebted to Carsten VK4OA at RF Solutions for his support of our DXpedition. We have obtained a number of items needed for the DXPedition station through RF Solutions including some of the HYBRIFLEX-13 and ULTRAFLEXXX-7 feedline and connectors for the 6m EME station and the 40m 4-Square array. Team members have in the past also purchased RadioSports Headsets and SPE Amplifiers via his company.

Dealing with a local re-selller has been fantastic for solving customs import hassles and we would heartily recommend them for any VK or Pacific based Amateur Radio operators seeking products from the many brands of equipment that Carsten provides.

A35JT Sponsorship Support – THANK YOU!

Group Sponsors

The team wishes to thank the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), the Clipperton DX Club of France and the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group for their generous support of our DXPedition!




Corporate Sponsors

We also wish to thank our corporate sponsors who are helping with some of the equipment costs!

Spiderbeam are helping with masts for our expedition. We are in particular using two of their 10m Aluminium masts for our beam antennas (HF and 6m). These are fantastic for their size and enable us to fly on commercial airlines with all of our antennas without exceeding our luggage weight limits.We will also use a Spiderbeam 12m fibreglass mast for some of the wire antennas on the expedition.

Messi & Paoloni are also helping our expedition with coaxial cable. One of the biggest unseen hurdles on a weight restricted expedition is how to take enough coax to connect everything together. Last used by VK5GR on his YJ0AG expedition, Messi & Paoloni ULTRAFLEXX-7 provides us with RG-213 performance at nearly half the weight per metre. We are also using their 75ohm cables for the phasing harness in the 40m and possible 30m 4-Square array.

Individual Sponsors – 6m EME

The expedition is running two separate activities, with HF the main focus, and the second activity being 6m EME (which is possible mostly during week 1 only based on moon predictions). 6m EME has been especially requested as we have been told A3 has never been activated on 6m EME before. Getting the 6m EME antennas out to the island has proved a serious logistical challenge. Through the generosity of individual donors the 6m EME project is now possible and arrangements to freight the antennas and masts are now underway (after some more testing back in VK).

So, a huge thank you to the following who are supporting our 6m EME activities:


See you all from Tonga in September!