Last Day today – Packing Up Monday Niue time (25th Sept)

Last Day today – Packing Up Monday Niue time (25th Sept)

Final Hours

Today marks the last full day of operation from E6AG. The plans at this stage are to operate on 40m this evening, either LSB or FT8. I may also do one more stint on 20m but that will depend on time. You may also see me once more on 30/40m tomorrow morning (Monday Niue time) before I pull the switch and take the station apart. If the QRN isnt too bad I will try short 5 min skeds on 80 and 160 but don’t count on me receiving the request – the internet is being particularly uncooperative today.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has made contact with me whilst I have been out here on Niue. Thanks also for the patience with my at times erratic operating. Family commitments often interrupted a pile up.

I must also say an enormous thank you to my wife and daughter who have put up with “daddy playing radio” probably more than he should. I hope people appreciate the balancing act it is. Without them I wouldn’t be here doing this. They are the most important part of the trip so thank you again!

Thanks also to all the stations who worked me during the CQ WW RTTY contest. One thing I saw was that I didn’t have the punch required to do search and pounce, particularly into Europe. I know I worked a few more countries during the contest however so hopefully I have your contact in the log. I have a respectable score given I couldnt operate for the duration of the contest (due to other commitments) so will see how we place when that is submitted.

Thanks also to those who reached out to try and make skeds to contact me whilst on Niue. There were many and I tried to fill as many as I could. I know I didn’t make contact with all of you so my apologies. I don’t think this will be the last time coming out here so keep watching. I also know there are others in ZL who come up to Niue from time to time so hopefully if you don’t work me you might work one of them.

QSL Cards & Logs

OQRS via M0OXO is open – you can request your cards there. I am planning on having them out within 3-4 months of returning home. Thanks Charles for all your help during the trip.

The final logs should be uploaded either before we leave or at the very least once we get to Auckland. I am currently about 48hrs behind as I didn’t want to load any logs during the contest.

73 and Good Luck de Grant E6AG on Niue OC-040

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