E6AG On Air: Where did I work?

E6AG On Air: Where did I work?

A good friend of mine once said everything is more interesting with statistics. With that in mind, here are some graphics that visualise where in the world we managed to work from Niue this trip.

DXCC Worked Statistics

The following is a look at the breakup of contacts by band and country. This first table is the number of countries worked by band.

We can then break this down by contacts per band and contacts per mode.

I am very pleased at the lack of duplicates and the number of unique stations we managed to contact and give Niue to as a new band / mode / slot.

Activity by Mode

The next set of charts break up the logs by Band / mode and Continent / Mode.

From this we can also see that FT8 was a dominating mode towards most continents.

Maps of Contacts

Some of my favourite contacts were the low band ones – in part because they were some of the most challenging. Also, they were the bands with the least efficient antennas this trip, being a simple dipole in the coconut trees. It took several goes in some cases and most were based on skeds but we  achieved quite a good result all things considered on 80/160m.

160m Contact Map


80m Contact Map

Higher Bands 40-10m

The next set of maps are the results achieved on the remaining bands. Many of these were achieved with my dual antenna setup with transmit via the vertical and receive on the dipole to overcome the local noise floor issues I found on 20m in particular.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For my first attempt at an international DXpedition I have surprised myself at what was achieved. Thanks to everyone for your patience in trying to work me. Thanks also to everyone who arranged skeds that we were able to fulfill, and my apologies to everyone who tried by failed to make contact. I hope to head out again to Niue in a few years time so this wont be the last time to work me out there thats for sure. Next time it will be bigger and better!

73 de Grant VK5GR / E6AG

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