Updated E6AG Contact Map

I tracked down the log mapping site I have used before and can now demonstrate some of the difficulties I had with some paths. Most of Western Europe was indeed almost over the north pole – certainly I was heavily dependent on polar paths to reach EU from Niue! I am however pretty pleased with the spread of contacts across South America – a continent I rarely hear from home (for a similar reason – mostly polar paths over Antarctica).

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  1. Hi Grant, any news on LotW uploads ? Your OQRS says logs uploaded however LoTW says “Last upload for E6AG: No log data found” ? You’d be DXCC Country Number 100 for me 🙂 de 3D2TS

    • vk5gr says:

      Phil, I am just waiting for my TSQL certificate from ARRL. I had a bit of a mixup in the sequence of applying for it and it also took me a couple of weeks to catch up with our ARRL card checker here in Adelaide to sight my license paperwork and pass on the endorsement to ARRL HQ. I am now hopeful that it is imminent and that I can post the LoTW log shortly!

  2. Phill 3D2TS says:

    thanks Grant, all good and understood. Thanks for the contacts. Have stayed at the same place you were at in Niue for a week a few years back (no radio) and loved it.

    • vk5gr says:

      Still trying to sort it out… Nearly there hopefully and crossing my fingers to hear from ARRL in the next day or two. Who knows, I might just end up back there in April for the School holidays in 2018. Might only be for a week this time. Will definitely take a beam if we do – just trying to work out a plot for 30-160 to go along with it. A 12m spiderbeam pole and a 500W tuner and some sort of trapped vertical maybe – dont know yet.

    • vk5gr says:

      Phill LoTW is now uploaded!

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