New Expedition Announced: YJ0AG Vanuatu – April 16-30 2018

New Expedition Announced: YJ0AG Vanuatu – April 16-30 2018

After the success and fun of the expedition to Niue in 2017, I came home and started dreaming of my next destination. 2018 marked a year of change however with my daughter now starting school, which curtailed to an extent when we could go. That and considering other events around home, it was decided in 2018 to advance the next trip to the April School holidays rather than wait until September again. This also meant that the available time for logistics was reduced, so it had to be somewhere relatively simple!

Vanuatu Selected for 2018 – YJ0AG

After casting around the Pacific weighing up accommodation and travel options, we have settled on a visit to the island nation of Vanuatu. We will be based on the island of Efate, about 20-30 minutes from Port Vila (the capital).

Our travel plans see us arriving on Efate Island, Vanuatu on April 16th, with the hope that we will be on air sometime on the 17th for about 12 days. The callsign will be YJ0AG. Licensing is nearly complete with the telecommunications regulator in Vanuatu and the callsign is now confirmed.

I will be trying to target Europe and digital modes in particular but will provide plenty of opportunities to all regions of the globe. I am also planning an SSTV activity day and possible participation in the Polish RTTY DX Contest.

NOTE: If I am calling a particular region, I will still accept calls from OC, AF and SA stations at any time.

The station will consist of:

  • Elecraft K3/KPA500
  • MW0JZE G3TXQ Ultralight weight HexBeam 20-10m
  • 1/4 wave vertical 30-40m
  • 1/4 wave folded vertical 80m
  • Inverted L – 160m (tentative)

QSL Management, OQRS etc will again be via Charles M0OXO. QSL details will be released shortly.

A new Website – is being commissioned which will contain more information about the project over the coming weeks.

More news to follow!

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