Station Build Complete – Now on air 80-6m

Station Build Complete – Now on air 80-6m

The Rise of the HexBeam

It has taken about 6 hours of hot sweaty work but I am pleased to announce that the 20-6m HexBeam is now in the air and working fabulously. Currently as I type this I have a pileup on 20m FT8 more than 20 stations deep. A big thanks again to Ant MW0JZE who special ordered one of his Light weight portable HexBeams for me.

The Operating Position

Meanwhile, the operating position is also established. Apart from some TVI issues forcing restricted power on some bands during viewing hours everything is working 100%. I only forgot one cable – but fortunately ComputerWorld here in Port Vila had the missing USB link for the SDR receiver.

Now to settle in, enjoy the DX and slip into island life yet again….. 73 de Grant YJ0AG / VK5GR / E6AG

8 thoughts on “Station Build Complete – Now on air 80-6m

    1. Thanks Bruno – been a slog getting it all in the air but we are now where we wanted to be with all bands operational.

  1. Looks the goods Grant.

    K3 and KPA500 sounds good.

    What sort of mast are you using with the hex beam?

    Wayne VK2VRC

    1. Wayne, it was a 10m Spiderbeam aluminium mast – slightly modified to keep it under 120cm long when packed down so it now only goes to 9.5m. Very nice and able to be erected by one person if you have patience (takes me about 4 hours from go to woe to set everything out, assemble the beam and raise the tower – not one for a quicky field day but for a longer stay worth every bit of effort).

    1. Edmundo, Im trying to figure the best times for SA and give them a serious try. Have worked a couple of PY stations but no one else. Open to ideas 🙂

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