YJ0AG QSO Statistics

YJ0AG QSO Statistics

A good friend once told me, everything is enhanced with statistics! So here are some tallies for my operation here at YJ0AG Vanuatu

The workhorse band as always was 20m although a sizeable contribution came from 17 and 40m. The low bands fared well with the same number of contacts on 80m as 15m. 61% of the contacts came from bands above 14MHz while 39% came from bands below 14MHz.

Mode wise it was a relatively even spread with SSB and FT8 roughly equally split, followed by CW then RTTY. This showed the greatly increased focus on SSB and CW modes this trip compared with Niue last year.

Finally, the chart everyone always comments on. As always when operating in the pacific it is hard to not work the Asian stations and they feature heavily in the log. I am however pleased to see that both NA and EU were well represented as was OC (as it should being my home region). Unfortunately SA and AF were insignificant, despite several times when SA stations were being seen on FT8 calling CQ SA. There are clearly a lot of stations that need a geography lesson. It seems whenever I called for a region on FT8 that was exactly the region I didnt work. Not sure what to do about that. I spent a lot of time manually selecting who to call next to try and control the balance.

In the last 2 days I also tried to prioritise first time entries into the log as opposed to slot hunters. Again hard to do on FT8 and often saw me madly checking callsigns in N1MM before selecting them to answer.

The grand totals for the trip are:

Total QSOs : 3357
Total Uniques: 2234 (66.55%)


Not a bad effort for a one man show on holidays. This was carried out over 85Hrs of operating at an average QSO rate of 40/hr across the 2 weeks.

Where did we work?

Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs – without you on the other end trips like these would be very lonely!

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  1. Hi Grant, just on not working B4’s on FT8. You should give JTDX a go, it has this built in, simple click and it won’t respond to B4’s, likewise a single click and it will.

    thanks for the contacts.



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