YJ0AG QSL Card Preview

YJ0AG QSL Card Preview

Firstly thank you to everyone again for all of the contacts and well wishes while I was operating as YJ0AG. Your feedback to my activation of YJ was greatly appreciated.

Now after a couple of days rest, I can advise that everyone and everything made it home safely on Tuesday from Vanuatu via Brisbane. Work on the next phase has already begun with the design of the QSL card. This is the front cover artwork and was a photo taken from the back deck of the house we rented for the operation. As with Niue, it will be a bi-fold card for those who make a direct OQRS request via M0OXO. Bureau requests via M0OXO are also available however they will use a 2 sided simplified card.

Requesting QSL Cards

If you wish to receive a direct paper QSL, please request these for YJ0AG via the M0OXO OQRS Service. www.m0oxo.com/oqrs/logsearch.php

You can also Request Bureau cards via M0OXO using OQRS but DO NOT send your own bureau card to YJ0AG via M0OXO as that will not be delivered by RSGB (as I am not a member of RSGB)

If you wish to send me a QSL card via the Bureau system, please send those to YJ0AG via VK5GR so that incoming bureau cards are routed to the Australian QSL Bureau system. Note however that following a policy change at the WIA I won’t reply via the Australian Bureau for international expeditions any more, and will direct those replies instead via M0OXO. While I like receiving your cards, it may be easier to simply request a bureau card via M0OXO (which is free anyway).

Logs available via ClubLog

All of the YJ0AG logs have also been loaded into Clublog. You can check if you are in the log here:

Logbook of the World

I will also be loading the complete log into ARRL’s Logbook of the World on the 12th of May!

Till next time – 73 de Grant YJ0AG / VK5GR


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